Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cat naps

I'm having a lazy day. I've been napping in mom's childhood dollhouse all day and occasionally on top of some cabinets in the laundry room.

Oh hey there...

Grandma is taking her dear sweet time putting up her Christmas decorations and I'm a bit disappointed. How am I supposed to get into the spirit if there aren't any decorations to chew and destroy?

I've been feeling kind if bummed lately every time Fern Louise or someone else gets to go outside and yet again I get the door closed in my face :(  I'd really like to go outside and get some fresh air, chase some birds, catch a squirrel... but mom says she's too worried I'll run away and get lost and she keeps saying maybe she'll buy me a stroller (uh what?) but that's just not the same! I'll have to work on it and see what I can get done...


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tis The Season

What a great week! I didn't have very good internet service at grandma's, though, so I wasn't able to post. Mom left me here because she will be back in two weeks for Christmas and while I was sad to see her go I was excited to not have to go in the car for the four hour trip to school.

I think the best part of the week was that mom forgot to bathe me, she did brush me, though, which I just don't like. It's nice for about two seconds and then it just makes me irritable and then I end up biting mom and then she gets mad and starts saying things like "bad girl" and "no!". The other thing I loved was having my daddy there. I haven't seen him since September and he really is my favorite human, although, I have to pretend to love mom equally or she gets kind of upset.

My daddy and me.
Grandma wasn't as happy about me trying to help out with the table decorations... No one ever appreciates my help!

Grandma is starting to put out the Christmas decorations which is so much fun. She had a huge wreath on the floor and I climbed into the middle and thought it made a pretty tasty snack until mom pulled me away.

Chewing on grandma's wreath while her dog Fern Louise watches on.

Mom and daddy wanted to take Christmas photos and we took a family "portrait". Mom put a christmas collar on me, an elf hat, and a small wreath around my neck. UGH. The embarrassment!  I made my displeasure quite clear, scratching and biting, meowing, but daddy held tight. This is what we ended up with:

Daddy, Mom, and me, of course.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

On the upcoming holidays

So tomorrow is the first day of mom's thanksgiving break which we will be spending together at grandma's with grandpa and daddy and grandma's dog, Fern Louise, who always enjoys a good game of 'try and fit Harley's whole face in your mouth'. Then I bite the tender skin on one of her ears and she screams, I'd claw her but mom had my claws removed *grumbles*, she said it was because I was destroying everything. More like re-decorating if you ask me, which no one did.

Mom says we're going to decorate for Christmas while we're at grandma's. I'm really excited because last Christmas mom put up a tree with all these great things dangling from the branches and I really enjoyed climbing in the tree itself, mom wasn't so happy about that. She yelled and said I was ruining the tree and that I was going to knock the whole thing down and break all her ornaments. I'm sorry, but if it's not for me to play with then why put the darn thing up?

Me in the Christmas tree last year.

So daddy sent me this funny link. He said it reminds him of me, I look nothing like that cat! But really, maybe I do climb on the keyboard when mom is writing her papers but I'm really only trying to help her out. I have some really good ideas sometimes that I think would really help her out.



Sunday, November 18, 2012

Vampurrs & Daddy & Baths

So mom has been all hyped up about vampurrs since Breaking Dawn, Part 2 came out on friday. She even covered herself (and me, by accident)with glitter before heading off to the midnight premiere with her friends. She told me to be a good girl and left.

Mom got home at, like, 2.30 am from the movie and crashed in bed and I feeling a little bit feisty because she woke me up when she got home so I went up to her and said, "Hey mom! Look! I'm a vampurr too!" and then I bit her and she screamed. Apparently she didn't think it was as funny as I did. Oh well.

So mom told me today that my daddy is coming for turkey next week when we go to grandma's. I'm so excited. Daddy graduated from college in May, but before that I saw him all the time. But now he leaves in New Jersey and I haven't seen him much since. He's my absolute favorite human. The unfortunate part was that I heard mom on the phone with daddy (and I had shouted, "Hi, daddy!") talking about how when the three of us are all together at grandma's that I'm getting a... BATH. I immediately ran under the bed and started cleaning myself up so mom wouldn't think I need a bath after all. I'm not sure if my plan is going to work because mom is kinda allergic to me and she bathes me with hypoallergenic de-dandering shampoo, but before that she brushes me until I feel like I'm bald with some as seen on TV brush for long haired cats because it's "the only thing that works". She says she needs to bathe me so I make her sneeze less. At least a bath is less embarrassing then getting shaved, I guess.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Musings on Christmas

Hahaha... Mom was so funny this morning.

"Harley that's my pillow why don't you lay on my chest or next to me so I can put my head on it."

Good one mom! Because we all know what's her's is mine, what's the dog's is mine, what's anyone else's is mine. And of course, what is mine is mine, everything belong to me! Mwuhahaha. Maybe if mom had raised me to share it would be different, but oh well!

So I've been thinking a lot lately about my Christmas list. Last year grandma and grandpa bought me a cat tree and it's pawsome! Mom put in the window behind a huge chair which I use as a landing pad when I jump off the very top. Once, I even repelled down the wall using mom's curtains. 

Here's a pic I took of myself the last time mom took me to grandma's. You can see my pawsome tree (and a little bit of the chair) in the background.

My point is though, I'm not entirely sure how that could be topped and I'm really quite picky. I really only like toys with feathers on them, the kind that come on a stick that mom can wave around. I like when she does that, she always looks so funny.

Here is my Christmas List so far:

-stick toys with feathers.
-treaties, lots and lots of tasty treaties.
-and a balloon like the one grandma got mom for her birthday. I really enjoyed chewing through the string even though mom wasn't too happy.

And oh yeah, mom? Can you wrap them in pretty paper that I can chew off? I promise I will do my best not to make a huge mess. Just a minimal one.


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hello World!

Well... hello there.

My name is Harley, but mom refers to me by a multitude of different nick names. The two she uses most (for now at least) are Haro and Booboo. Mom found me as a stray and I'm definitely lucky to have her because I'm one spoiled kitteh.

 Here's mom and me last Halloween.

I decided I have a lot of thoughts and that I would like to be able to share them with the world so I decided to create this blog after seeing that a bunch of other cats have them (I definitely need to start following some of them, maybe if I'm lucky they'll follow me!). 

So my current concern is that mom called Petsmart to verify when Santa is coming. Last year was my first Christmas ever and mom decided it would be really fun to take me (it also supported shelter animals which mom and I both liked). So, anyways, mom slipped me into my harness and leash from when she tried to leash train me.
Side note: leash training didn't go well, the leash and harness were fine but I was not about to prance around like that.
Then we drove to the store and got there fifteen minutes before Santa was open for business so that I could get in and out before the dogs arrived. All the employees were super excited someone brought a cat. I just can't imagine why more cats don't go... So because it went well last year and mom got an "adorable" picture out of it, she thinks we should go again. JOY. Have any of you ever been subjected to this?

Here's last year for your enjoyment.

Anyways I hope you other cats (and humans) stick around and enjoy reading!