Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Musings on Christmas

Hahaha... Mom was so funny this morning.

"Harley that's my pillow why don't you lay on my chest or next to me so I can put my head on it."

Good one mom! Because we all know what's her's is mine, what's the dog's is mine, what's anyone else's is mine. And of course, what is mine is mine, everything belong to me! Mwuhahaha. Maybe if mom had raised me to share it would be different, but oh well!

So I've been thinking a lot lately about my Christmas list. Last year grandma and grandpa bought me a cat tree and it's pawsome! Mom put in the window behind a huge chair which I use as a landing pad when I jump off the very top. Once, I even repelled down the wall using mom's curtains. 

Here's a pic I took of myself the last time mom took me to grandma's. You can see my pawsome tree (and a little bit of the chair) in the background.

My point is though, I'm not entirely sure how that could be topped and I'm really quite picky. I really only like toys with feathers on them, the kind that come on a stick that mom can wave around. I like when she does that, she always looks so funny.

Here is my Christmas List so far:

-stick toys with feathers.
-treaties, lots and lots of tasty treaties.
-and a balloon like the one grandma got mom for her birthday. I really enjoyed chewing through the string even though mom wasn't too happy.

And oh yeah, mom? Can you wrap them in pretty paper that I can chew off? I promise I will do my best not to make a huge mess. Just a minimal one.


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