Sunday, November 18, 2012

Vampurrs & Daddy & Baths

So mom has been all hyped up about vampurrs since Breaking Dawn, Part 2 came out on friday. She even covered herself (and me, by accident)with glitter before heading off to the midnight premiere with her friends. She told me to be a good girl and left.

Mom got home at, like, 2.30 am from the movie and crashed in bed and I feeling a little bit feisty because she woke me up when she got home so I went up to her and said, "Hey mom! Look! I'm a vampurr too!" and then I bit her and she screamed. Apparently she didn't think it was as funny as I did. Oh well.

So mom told me today that my daddy is coming for turkey next week when we go to grandma's. I'm so excited. Daddy graduated from college in May, but before that I saw him all the time. But now he leaves in New Jersey and I haven't seen him much since. He's my absolute favorite human. The unfortunate part was that I heard mom on the phone with daddy (and I had shouted, "Hi, daddy!") talking about how when the three of us are all together at grandma's that I'm getting a... BATH. I immediately ran under the bed and started cleaning myself up so mom wouldn't think I need a bath after all. I'm not sure if my plan is going to work because mom is kinda allergic to me and she bathes me with hypoallergenic de-dandering shampoo, but before that she brushes me until I feel like I'm bald with some as seen on TV brush for long haired cats because it's "the only thing that works". She says she needs to bathe me so I make her sneeze less. At least a bath is less embarrassing then getting shaved, I guess.


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