Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tis The Season

What a great week! I didn't have very good internet service at grandma's, though, so I wasn't able to post. Mom left me here because she will be back in two weeks for Christmas and while I was sad to see her go I was excited to not have to go in the car for the four hour trip to school.

I think the best part of the week was that mom forgot to bathe me, she did brush me, though, which I just don't like. It's nice for about two seconds and then it just makes me irritable and then I end up biting mom and then she gets mad and starts saying things like "bad girl" and "no!". The other thing I loved was having my daddy there. I haven't seen him since September and he really is my favorite human, although, I have to pretend to love mom equally or she gets kind of upset.

My daddy and me.
Grandma wasn't as happy about me trying to help out with the table decorations... No one ever appreciates my help!

Grandma is starting to put out the Christmas decorations which is so much fun. She had a huge wreath on the floor and I climbed into the middle and thought it made a pretty tasty snack until mom pulled me away.

Chewing on grandma's wreath while her dog Fern Louise watches on.

Mom and daddy wanted to take Christmas photos and we took a family "portrait". Mom put a christmas collar on me, an elf hat, and a small wreath around my neck. UGH. The embarrassment!  I made my displeasure quite clear, scratching and biting, meowing, but daddy held tight. This is what we ended up with:

Daddy, Mom, and me, of course.

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